Welcome to our dark place,
Jaime’s Dark Universe.

It is a place that exists in the hearts and minds of four deeply passionate musicians and now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, in the music playlist of many kindred souls.

Our utopian universe exists in the dimension of love and passion, joy and acceptance. We embrace the dark, bask in the light, and live to create music that plays havoc with your emotions; disruptive and yet somehow beautiful.

Our band features four beautiful musical souls: Donna Greene, Craig Skelton, Michael Burn and Jaime Page. All excellent musicians, and when they come together there is an unquestionable magic beyond technique.

Our depth of songwriting allows the band to express and emote, guiding and pushing to new heights as every song takes flight into the ether. Brutal riffs, sweet melodies, orchestral layers combined with industrial synths, both classic and modern. That is what we do! We invite you all on our magical musical ride.

We love you; you are all beautiful, walk together with us in music, art and humanity.

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Jaime Page

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Donna G

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Craig Skelton

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Michael Burn