Shatter, from the soon to be released Dark Universe Into The Black album. Recorded live at Deepest Black Friday at The Civic Hotel.  @darkuniverseau #Shatter #NewMusic #NewVideo #live #music #darkuniverseau #Australia #rockmusic


Live performance and desk audio. Performed at our Deepest Black Friday show, October 13 2017. Uploaded to our fb page 28/11/17 as part of a farewell to Malcolm Young, with respect.

DARK UNIVERSE VIDEOS – 2017 “Bleed Me Dry” pre release

The first offering from the forthcoming INTO THE BLACK CD, Bleed Me Dry is inspired by the documentary on Jimi Hendrix’s last days. Bleed Me Dry can mean many things to many people.  Ultimately, Bleed Me Dry is about being used.
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Song: XXX27 (Angel of Light)

Song: If

From Jaime: If constantly reminds me to tell the ones dear to me that I love them. It also tells a story of loss and wishing you had taken a different course in life.  Ultimately though, it serves as a reminder to love one an other for who we are, and the enduring reasons we should say YES!

DARK UNIVERSE VIDEOS – 2016 Live CD Launch Review

“… Dark Universe performance will undoubtedly be a highlight for The Charles Hotel this year. From a musical perspective, Page’s music is heavy, progressive rock dripping with melodicism, but on the personal side, the emotion that has gone into writing this music truly eclipses the music itself. Music of this calibre is incredibly special. A live performance of such music is equally so, and to have an audience of people as supportive as the one seen here has made for one unforgettable night. With word of there being songs that did not make it to the EP in time, one can only hope that a Jaime Page album will soon be seen on the horizon.”
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Below are two early promotional videos for the original Dark Universe CD.  While we are working with new distribution and a brand new Director’s Cut of ‘Dark Universe’ and the latest album, ‘Into The Black’, these videos capture some of the background story of the music and the origins of the band.

“There have been trans songs and trans ballads, but this something different. This is a trans album, and it is one that very closely captures the lows and the highs of the entire experience. The songs therein dig deep into your most profound fears and sadness, grab your heart, and then lift it up and out into the light. I can’t help but to strongly suggest you go out and buy this album as soon as you can.”
Ariel Williams / Planet Trangender
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