Feedback from the Into The Black Showcase

“Jaime Page Dark Universe followed, launching a new era in which the forthcoming album, Into The Black, will be released. It’s progressive metal, with soaring melodies – from Page’s inspirational guitar-playing and Donna Greene’s commanding vocals and stagecraft – with chops for miles coming from all band members. They would not at all be out of place sharing a stage with Alice Cooper when he tours here later in the year.” Bob Gordon

Feedback on the Dark Universe EP
Hey there friends! What do you think of the Dark Universe EP?

Matt: Holy Sh…
This is an amazing Album.
Kicking off with the Dark and Beautiful Deepest Black, a moving, epic , act, that is testament to the long and varied career and personal journey of the extremely talented Jaime Page. With such rich life experiences there has evolved a master writer ‘full of deep feeling and emotion, and the talent to reproduce this in the most beautiful form of music.
Next up xxx27. An energetic galloping number beautifully highlighting Donnas extremely potent vocal strength.
Letting go is a gentle lighter serve with outstanding production and again the vocals.
The absolutely brilliant Dark Universe. What an outstanding title number.
If this doesn’t go down as one of the best rock productions, Ill eat my scrotum. This is musical theatre at its best. Powerful, emotional with a palpable dose of feeling.
Goodbye Angel rounds off this feast of finesse and the latter part showcases perfectly Jaime’s skills and well earned title of Queen of the machine.
I thoroughly enjoyed this journey.
The writing, arrangement and production are mindblowing. But this would mean but nil, had there not been musicians with the required depth unquestionable ability, and foremost, the feeling , to interpret and touch this music in the way necessary to bring it forth as it has been here.
This is art at another level. Pure and performed with a level of feeling and finesse rarely witnessed. A privilege to behold.
I get the feeling that there were many equally momentous songs, not included in this presentation that could have been if not for the restriction of disc size. I am looking forward to the future unveiling of these works for us all to enjoy.
My hat goes off to the hard work evident by all the crew involved in bringing to surface this gem.

Daniel: We all love the album

Kylie: Magnificent!
“Not a trickle of doubt in my mind’s eye – Donna Greene has the most exquisite vocals my soul has ever entwined – For all will echo in eternity – Jaime’s deep emotional explosion of chemistry & light – A treasure of destiny, purity divine”
Kylie Storm

Sharon: One of the best albums I have… just amazing and every song has something for someone… so much meaning and the band, well what can I say, just awesome. Looking forward to the next album. 🙂

Anthony: A journey from start to end. For artists and listener. A journey we share with our dear Jaime Page. One I’m blessed to call my old china plate. Much love her ladyship of the shred. My fav guitar slinger. A brilliant aural sensation of images feelings and lifes journeys. Waiting for the next instalment…. xx

Caroline: There are no words in this language to describe the unknown journey one undertakes when first listening to this Brilliance of the Amazing Jaime. From beginning to end, your heart will feel anguish – as though it’s either being physically pulled from your chest, through to the exhilaration and exploding Joy of that same heart being placed exactly where it really needed to be by the final track. Monumental. Loved it live. Love it on rotation 🙂 Xx

Andy: A huge album coming straight from the heart of someone with extraordinary talent. This will always be treasured as top of my favorite album’s list. Thankyou for sharing your life’s journey Jaime. The whole band is brilliant ! What a fantastic bunch of people with so much talent! Always a gift to hear you play together.